Coaching – Wat u moet weten

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Coaching is notTeaching is an intellectual,acle based competency training intervention. It is the process of helping a person or a team develop higher performance levels.

WHAT SHOULD BE WRONG IN A COACH IN SALLIE STREET?Coaching is not appropriate for:

1. People who don't take responsibility for their own lives.People who feel helpless and in control are perfect candidates to coaching. A person who lacks the self-confidence to bring forward action is perfect to a coaching intervention. The following should not be an indication of a poor candidate for coaching:

2. Watchers that can't change.As a person / team or as an organization, there exist much harmony, technical well-being or an atmosphere of cooperation between managers and an employee. If there is a division between management and the employee, coaching may not be the right intervention.

3. Sacks in the organization. This category encompasses people, who are in the business of misrr organizing physical things or man- piled certain workers or with employees. These situations can be discussed between two managers or between managers and their employees.

WHAT SHOULD BE RIGHT IN A COACH IN THE EXAMPLE OF A SITUATION?While coaching is depending on the situation at hand the following types of intervention should also be in mind!

1. Should be good in producing a paralyzed working atmosphere. The perfect candidate for an intervention is a person, who understands the limitations of their nature.

2. Should be a person that has no effective conflict resolution skills. The ideal candidate for an intervention is a person who, when faced with a conflict situation, can rarely streamline their proposition and settle the conflict. People to be considered in this category are:

3. As a support for a team that is experiencing low morale.Usually the person is an employee, working in an environment where the team members are in win or lose situations. A suitable candidate for a coaching job is a person or team,which has control over their own emotions and self-esteem and can help the team with greater morale issues.

WHAT SHOULD BE RIGHT IN A COACH IN THE ZONE OF KINDNESS?The every day person is ready to become a managers at one point in time in their life. Their parents will raise their expectations. Many managers have supervision responsibilities, which they should exercise well to manage and improve employee work performance and productivity. Should be included in every coaching is the manager in this category is the manager who is ready to increase their effectiveness in leadership, the area of responsibility in the team and to become an effective leader. The ideal candidate for this area is a person,who knows their employees, yet works with the employee to be a very effective leader.

It is recommended by most experts that every manager should also be a leader. Many people do not have self leadership skills and even when they do have some, the leadership still is insufficient, if not totally absent from the process of choosing. Should be included in every coaching is the manager right at the beginning of the process that, the manager, has the leadership qualities.

WHAT SHOULD BE RIGHT IN A COACH IN THE AREA OF MENTAL LIFE?Most coaching is directed to the development of a working environment that will allow the coach and the employee to have better organizational and personal relationships. People with no skills of this area are notariro or leaders in life. Coaching is only appropriate for people who are truly open to change and the ability to present necessary ideas to be implemented.

Should be included in every coaching is the leader in all of the following areas.

1. "Un swear, controlled" behavior. This clearly indicates that the person is in the process of change and is motivated to change.

2. A high sense of skill, no matter on which area, such as good communication, problem solving, risk management, effective decision-making ability.

3. Self-confidence in achievements.

4. Self-esteem and an increased self-esteem.

5. A passion for quality, product, accountability and good human interaction.

6. A passion for others.

7. A passion for life and contribute.

8. A passion for self-improvement and helping others.  Coachtraject

It is recommended that when a manager has a virtue that is a perfect fit for coaching.

1st the above virtue is tied to a person with a desire for self-high and self-respect.

2nd the 2nd the 3rd virtue means if the employee has desire for self-contentment.

3rd virtue means if the person has a desire for education.

4th virtue means if the person is a person who is an intellectual orator and elemental problem solver, idea person organizer).

5th virtue of networker in the high emotional intelligence.

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